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Monitor Articles for January 22, 2008

Will Fidel Castro step down next month?
China's farmers protest a key Mao tenet
Serbia faces dramatic runoff vote
Mediterranean nations pledge restraints on coastal development
Palestinian group sounds like Al Qaeda but forgoes violence
New blockade squeezes Gaza residents
Italian government nears collapse after key Prodi ally defects
Reporters on the Job
Next primaries tougher yet
Padilla sentence: Does terror training merit life?
Enough U.S. help for Afghanistan?
A legless artist documents the world in 32,000 stares
Letters to the Editor
Opinion More partisanship, please
Opinion Yes, you can be happy at work
The Monitor's View Cash for school grades? It works.
Would tax rebates work?
Wind, solar tax credits to expire
Wind, solar tax credits to expire
Does the human mind have the power to cure the body?
How Muslims, Christians, met in a clash of worlds
The two writing Wilders
No fairy tale for a mere commoner
How Muslims, Christians met in a clash of worlds
The wild ride of an author-turned-hobo
Can the human mind cure the body?
Why you feel better when you pet a dog
Schoolgirls take history project to the international stage
For kids, anytime is a good time to rhyme
Supporting nontraditional parenting