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Monitor Articles for January 18, 2008

Japanese youth help compatriots embrace diversity
Could the 'Nano' launch a revolution on India's roads?
Interview with presidential front-runner Tomislav Nikolic
Spain's new anthem lyrics strike discordant note
Serbian elections focus on keeping Kosovo
US-Iraqi troops sweep Al Qaeda village haven
CIA blames Al Qaeda, Taliban for Bhutto assassination
Reporters on the Job
Nevada's unions fracture over candidates and caucus rules
Bush calls on Congress to pass $140 billion stimulus package
South Carolina: McCain's big Southern test
Momentum builds for economic stimulus package
Politics of race ensnare Democrats
Californians set to vote on massive expansion of Indian casinos
How African-Americans stand 40 years after the death of Martin Luther King
With predator populations rising, more calls for control
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A tale of two allies
Opinion A way out of the subprime funk.
The Monitor's View The global grain bubble
Ireland with egg on its face
Remembering the 'war' years
Life in the Celtic Tiger
Monitor Picks
Into It: Stuart Woods
With 'Cassandra's Dream' Woody Allen once again gets away with murder
'27' romantic comedy clichés
New on DVD: 'Eagle vs. Shark' and 'The Golden Door'
New in theaters
Tubegazing: 'American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver'
A drama teacher stages a revolution inside a school – and galvanizes a town
Advocacy, and a lawyer in the salad bowl
All lemons are not alike
To continue freedom's work