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Monitor Articles for January 16, 2008

Kenyans hope to avoid second round of ethnic violence
Is Latin America heading for an arms race?
Nepal on edge ahead of polls
Tuna's spawning grounds under threat
Gaza strike hardens Hamas position
On emptying seas, a vanishing way of life
New test for developers in Maine: climate change
France takes more assertive role in Gulf with planned military base in the U.A.E.
Reporters on the Job
In '08, a curtailed agenda for Congress
For election 08, youth voter turnout swells
Romney's decisive win in Michigan scrambles G.O.P. field
Supreme Court keeps investor suits narrow
Gil Muratori teaches a unique class in fish etiquette
Pro baseball is urged to keep focus on antidrug policies
Letters to the Editor
Opinion And the winner is ... the funnier candidate
Opinion From disaster springs humanity
The Monitor's View That elusive poverty line
December retail sales dip with outlook weak for 2008
Speed alone can't save the cheetah
New test for developers in Maine: climate change
The new problem of 'photonapped' images online
"The writer must remain invisible"
The secret to quick, tasty meals
U.S. religious freedom is being eroded, advocates say
A taste of history on the Grease Trail
The art of gracious receiving
Kids learn something new every day. Do parents?
Keep your bearing