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Monitor Articles for January 10, 2008

In India, the world's cheapest car debuts to fanfare, criticism
In Pakistan, fear of an ethnic divide
Maldives celebrates Boy Scout for saving the president
Britain eyes Swedish law on sex workers
Satellite navigation systems send trucks down the wrong routes in Britain
On Mideast trip, Bush hopes to propel historic Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking
New survey of Iraqi death toll: 151,000
Reporters on the Job
Abroad, fresh image of U.S.
How a credit crunch may hurt the world economy
As Clinton and McCain rebound in N.H., races are wide open
Maine program brightens college prospects – at birth
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How a charity can hurt its cause
Opinion A better way to choose a college
The Monitor's View New Hampshire's humbling lessons
Why oil prices are stubbornly high
An icy plunge to save the melting Arctic
As arctic ice melts, South Pole ice grows
Be patient with us humans – we're still evolving
A mother's love tangled by war
Partridge at the Landfill
A total failure on Facebook
A house isn't a home without clutter
Thy way, not my way