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Monitor Archive for September 25, 2007

Letters to the Editor
My mooncake disposal dilemma
In the chambers of the US Supreme Court
Book bits
Iranian president answers Washington press corps
Showdown in Congress over child healthcare.
Why I want to keep fighting in Iraq
UAW strikes at GM over lack of job guarantees
French-speaking Rwanda turns to English
Let the 'No Child' law do its work
Jena 6: a black-and-white issue
Good reads for different tastes
Smaller but savvier, labor draws '08 Democrats
The cold, cold war
The Baltimore 'Book Thing' is give and take
Criticism mounts over arrest of opposition activists in Pakistan
UN bid puts Taiwan on skids with China
Los Angeles turns cameras on gang graffiti
'Sanctuary' cities for illegals draw ire
No need to wait until 2008
Why China shut down 18,401 websites
Found: another Némirovsky
Celebrate fall – the Chinese way
As race for oil-rich Arctic heats up, Inuit stake their claim, too
Darfur conflict spills into Chad
Reporters on the Job