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Monitor Archive for September 20, 2007

Uphill battle to bolster Afghan police
New $5 bill aims to thwart counterfeiters
The Southern drawl – is it spreading?
Letters to the Editor
Private security in Iraq: whose rules?
His mighty ways
Al Qaeda leaders release new videos
Beirut blast kills anti-Syrian lawmaker
Young Egyptian couples in a hurry tie temporary knot
Energy costs this winter: high
Internships for all ages
Burma's Buddhist monks take to the streets
I'm trying to become a baseball fan again
Single-sex schools help children thrive
U.S. moves to stem wave of foreclosures
Key Khmer Rouge architect arrested
Barack is the new 'bling'
John Edwards: working-class values and a closely held faith
U.S. seeks new sanctions on Iran
Global-warming skeptics: Might warming be 'normal'?
Is Bush edging toward cuts in carbon?
Reporters on the Job
On the horizon: news from the frontiers of science