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Monitor Archive for September 14, 2007

Letters to the Editor
Somalis in exile send home rap tracks of peace
Rising violence in Russia's Ingushetia
China emerges as leader in cyberwarfare
Legacy of Duke case: a rein on prosecutors?
Bush defends high troop levels in Iraq
Fiction: Johnson crafts a Vietnam epic for the ages
New on CD: Kanye West isn't at the top of his 'Graduation' class
'08 hopefuls harden views on Iraq war
The Washington Metro: a country kid's new playground
For boomer garage-band set, a chance for small-scale stardom
Credit crunch likely to spur reforms
A citizen of the world
Unpredictable Putin
War hits home in 'Valley of Elah'
'Beyond the Gates' lies a neglected African story
Monitor Picks
A revenge thriller, painted in black
Ken Burns's 'The War' as seen through teen eyes
Sheikh's death threatens US success in Anbar Province
São Paulo removes big ads, revealing historic beauty
Tony Snow: Reporters more liberal than average Americans
Border issues: live from the passport queue
A dream to be 'the King' – come true
Palestine: democracy not Zionism
At Toronto film fest, even Reese's film is political
Bush hails troop cuts as 'return on success' in Iraq
New in theaters
States are closer to trimming autos' CO2 emissions
Reporters on the Job
Enough with depressing reading lists