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Monitor Archive for August 23, 2007

Layoffs spreading in the housing industry
An Iraqi journalist on the Washington Post Metro desk
How to spice up Voice of America's dull broadcasts
Madonna and (an African) child
The joys of puttering
Colleges stress moral leadership
How the US Army must exit Iraq
On the horizon: news from the frontiers of science
Is Western aid making a difference in Africa?
Go straight, then turn left – and you're probably lost
How to challenge Iran's militancy without using arms
Vets in Congress walk fine line on ending Iraq war
Letters to the Editor
Oily legacy of war mars Lebanon coast
US judge rules public funds can be used for church renovations
Fighting harassment on India's streets
A quest for world unity
Reporters on the Job
How cows live up to their name
With surprise visit, France changes its tack on Iraq
Can celebrities really get results?
Next forecasting challenge: predicting hurricane's wallop
Iraq's Maliki inks Syrian border pact
Change in hottest year fuels global warming skeptics
Trouble flares in frequently ignored corners of Southeast Asia