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Monitor Archive for July 3, 2007

In clubby France, a Muslim woman as justice minister
Two faces of the Arab street
Descended from the rich and famous?
Reporters on the Job
The familiar essay: a delight in the hands of Anne Fadiman
Himalayan summitry: A lesser peak, not a lesser lesson
For asylum seekers, a fickle system
A US military leader stresses ideas over firepower
Why the American Revolution was 'Almost a Miracle'
Militias, bribes tip scales as Iraqis take final exams
Book bits
Blair in the background
Pakistan military's profits draw ire
Arkady Renko: 26 years later, he's still on the job
Letters to the Editor
Denmark a destination for couples tied in red tape
A novel intertwined with the life story of 'The Shadow Catcher'
America's new political center
Off-road vehicles rev up controversy in public lands
American dream still burns bright for many – but results vary
Bush and Congress locked in power dispute