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Monitor Archive for July 18, 2007

Reporters on the Job
Myth of America's rags-to-riches presidents
A landmark in corporate welfare
Don't call to say 'hi' – just whistle
San Diego office tower raises an uproar
National Intelligence Estimate: Al Qaeda stronger and a threat to US homeland
Silent surge in contractor 'armies'
Why children need to learn to play
Face-off: a man with a net and a bat in the bedroom
Will Iran, Korea really back off nukes?
End in sight for medics' Libyan ordeal
Fitness from a flying trapeze?
Freedom from health limits
Diplomatic crisis over poisoned Russian spy
Help lags for homeless female veterans
In China, fame comes easier with a foreign face
Letters to the Editor
Group helps Ethiopia's donkeys
A church's assertive shift toward tradition
The best-tasting peas are always fresh from the pod
House of glass
On the Internet, everyone may find you're a dog
Bush's final push for a Palestine