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Monitor Archive for June 12, 2007

Court strikes blow to Bush detainee strategy
At BookExpo, silly dress is optional. (Unless you're an unknown author)
Canceled school play about Iraq brings out real drama
No task is too tall for sunflowers
A patchwork of warmth and hope – in 10-inch squares
Pain is not inevitable
A thoughtful look at 'The Life of Kingsley Amis'
A 'Prisoner of Tehran' tells her story
Book bits
'Divisadero': Where narrative splinters
Hillary Clinton: profile of 'A Woman in Charge'
What's unlawful about these enemy combatants?
As presidential races change, media coverage must adapt
Letters to the Editor
Turkey in Iraq? Don't even go there.
Drug wars endanger Mexican press
World news in brief
Egypt vote shows unease with democracy
Reporters on the Job
Thais take to the streets to protest military regime
Held up as regional model, Kazakhstan's stability falters
USA news in brief
Cleveland looks to Cavs for a lift
Utah moves to protect its own against identity theft
Safe cars versus fuel efficiency? Not so fast.
Why teens have a tough time finding summer work
US civilians drive Iraq's other surge
US signals permanent stay in Iraq
Talk of attacking Iran escalates tensions
No task is too tall for sunflowers