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Monitor Archive for May 18, 2007

Israel launches airstrikes on Hamas amid Palestinian infighting
Bush, senators announce immigration deal
Reporters on the Job
Pompous and circumstance
Teeny-bopper heaven on Broadway
EU bid to wean itself off Russian gas: Nabucco pipeline
AU peacekeepers tested in Somalia
Pulp, but without the friction
Giuliani losing steam in '08 presidential race
Extreme sports: for some towns, a 'fiscal engine'
A battle over benchmarks for Iraq
Lawmakers, interest groups already calling for changes to immigration bill
Listening up
Another controversy for Alberto Gonzales
Iraqi lawmakers argue for caution in shaping oil law
For American consumers, how much is enough?
'Ecoterrorism' case stirs debate in US
How will Iraq share the oil?
As Pakistan goes, so goes a war
Into it: Wilbur Smith
Letters to the Editor
Yarn spinning, in real time
Padilla terror trial meets world of espionage
Watch out, Robin Hood! Here comes competition.
Noteworthy: Odes to soggy cereal and pet eels
DVD guide: A world away
Tubegazing: His inner Philip Marlowe
Stop selling 'short-selling' short
Movie guide
Celluloid cigarettes
Monitor picks: Five travel movies we think you'll really like
Rules no one teaches but everyone learns
'Shrek the Third' settles for one too many cliches.