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Monitor Archive for May 16, 2007

Cartels lash out at Mexican crackdown on drug trafficking
Young Muslims in Cairo transform the hijab
The struggle to advance democracy in the Arab world
Reports: Radical clerics set to free kidnapped police in Islamabad
Corporate concern on climate rises
Researchers to compile Earth's 'book of life'
A life with less drama
1872 Mining Law: time for an update?
Web 2.0 meets Campaign 2008
Where did all the baby sitters go?
A big find in the hunt for elusive dark matter
The balancing act of motherhood
Many countries, one currency
Matters of faith: Religion in the news
Letters to the Editor
Long-serving Chirac bids adieu
Israel shows new openness to Saudi peace plan
The Indiana Jones of rabbis
On trade, the art of a deal
Reporters on the Job
A whole new world of Indian finger food
Why Africa won't rein in Mugabe
Tilting at offshore windmills
An oil windfall for Azerbaijan's schools
Would it still be Miami Beach with foreign sand?
At a loss for luggage and words