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Monitor Archive for April 2, 2007

Terror case plea deal sparks anger in US, Australia
The Frank Man at 93rd and Central Park West
Mutual fund sales commissions: Are they tax-deductible?
Letters to the Editor
Reporters on the Job
Democrats put their stamp on US budget
White Spring Haiku
Parents deserve a (tax) break
Sunnis surge beyond Baghdad
Why Bush seems unable to regain his footing
Autonomy push sparks racial strife in Bolivia
Step cautiously into an online bank
Truce aims to stem Somalia's bloodshed
It's a plug-in hybrid – and it's a school bus
The 'sound' of friendship
Bush steps up to China
A week's worth
From Ireland – a sign of peace
The war on poverty is winnable
A shameful surrender to pornographers
Garry Kasparov's risky anti-Putin game plan
Beyond apology, moral clarity
For cleaner US ports, cut truck fumes first?
India weighs troop reduction in quieter Kashmir
US workers saddled by houses that won't sell