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Monitor Archive for April 10, 2007

Iran remains defiant after new UN sanctions
Find that shape
Mom and baby, in perfect tune
Psst, don't forget: The world is a magical place
This 'Secret' isn't worth keeping
Russia's wedge into Europe
Iraq duty stretching National Guard
In 'Shakespeare's Kitchen,' how it feels to be an outsider
Praise the Lord (and be sure to pass the collection plate)
'Alexis de Tocqueville': the first French critic of the US
A promise for the earth
Students sue antiplagiarism website for rights to their homework
Reporters on the Job
From L.A., a reinvention of Big Labor
Book bits
In 'Einstein: His Life and Universe,' energy, mass, and enlightenment
A new deal with news readers
Graft shakes South Africa's vaunted ANC party
From hiding, Sadr rallies against the US
Latin America demands more for its oil and gas
Europe's guest workers ask, 'Where are our pensions?'
Letters to the Editor
At Grand Canyon skywalk, controversial twist on eco-tourism
Wave of Saudi youths challenge kingdom's conservative sway