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Monitor Archive for March 22, 2007

In US Midwest, young farmers priced out of land
New efforts to predict when polar ice will melt
No one blinks, yet, on US attorney firings
Homefront salute for soldiers in Iraq
A lesson from a homeless child
Once a slave in the US, still fighting for her freedom
Colombia seeks eight in Chiquita terrorist scandal
Global boom in coal power – and emissions
Germany rethinks its Afghan presence
Gore on Capitol Hill revives speculation about '08 bid
Britain's ban on the slave trade: moral lessons for today
Schools 4 free thinkers
Afghan emerald miners see no sparkle in foreign investment
Backstory: Congolese radio show gives war victims a voice
On the horizon
War drill fails to reassure Israelis
Entrepreneur hopes to bottle success in Afghanistan
Baghdad's outposts bring new perils
States rethink trying juveniles as adults
Reporters on the Job
Utah heats up long-simmering school-voucher debate
The adventure began at 12,000 feet