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Monitor Archive for March 14, 2007

The possibility of easing tension between the US and Iran
Britain unveils 'global first' bill to cut CO2 emissions
Muslim women can reshape Islam
Japan and Australia sign defense pact
How Congress might rein in US war policy
Vienna gives a gender change to its signs
The changing complexion of troop 'surge' in Iraq
Tax energy use, not employment
US Congress warms to Cambodia
High-tech undersea search for the first Americans
Reliable leadership – its spiritual source
Reporters on the Job
Acehnese stoked over a different kind of wave – for surfing
A stack of books to read – and a pile of excuses not to read them
Big lighting firm leads move to phase out incandescent bulb
Backstory: The snowmakers of New England ski country
The real price of that handbag in the window
Climate change has parched Aussie farmers looking north
In Wales: an adventure and a treat
To avoid 'us vs. them' in Balkans, rewrite history
'Pocket wars' and peace in Philippines
Is China poised to close the technology gap?
Israel now open to once-rejected Arab peace plan