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Monitor Archive for December 19, 2007

South Africa's ANC elects firebrand Jacob Zuma
Why red states should turn green
South Africa's ANC elects firebrand Jacob Zuma
One Iowa city's mixed views on immigration
Under pressure, Hamas offers Israel truce talks
Letters to the Editor
Gifts that leave only a memory behind
The science behind making flavorful dishes
How one woman found respect through faith
To fight drought, Georgians get creative
Ethiopia cracks open airwaves to commercial radio
Baseball can step up to the plate
A primer on biodegradable plastics
All eyes on Russia as U.N. Security Council takes up Kosovo
Global donors exceed Palestinian expectations at Paris conference
'Holiday' doesn't need to mean 'perfect'
As judge orders CIA tape inquiry, Mukasey faces first test
Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill at least 13 Palestinians
The trouble with Western art today
FutureGen to build 'clean coal' plant in Illinois
Thank you, Charles Schulz
In Colombia, women use new faith to gain equality
Reporters on the Job
Fed passes reforms to combat subprime mortgage crisis
'Bioplastic' may become third option to paper or plastic
Holiday satisfaction
Turkey's raids against Kurdish rebels unsettle Iraq
Bryan Knox's bid to be the best auctioneer