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Monitor Archive for November 9, 2007

Monitor Breakfast The view from the House majority leader
In the fast lane, NASCAR draws plenty of converts
In 'No Country for Old Men,' a wilder Wild West
The view from the House majority leader
Bore stories
Moonlighting: Clive Cussler
Thompson fires it up in his make-or-break state
To help veterans confront war: pen and paper
Together amid the ashes
New twist in Guantánamo hearing draws fire
State initiatives: New Jersey rejects stem-cell research, Utah axes vouchers
Should artifacts like Magna Carta be auctioned into the private domain?
The thrill of the chase
New in theaters
Monitor picks
Border issue vexes Congress
Beyond the headlines and finish lines
Some cities reach out to illegal immigrants
Pakistan's final arbiter: the Army
This time, vets return to welcome
Adrian Peterson chews up chalk lines
New on DVD
Letters to the Editor
Uganda's rebels on 'forgiveness' tour
Names checked, names dropped
Help Amtrak keep on trackin'
As one mafia fades, Italy faces another
In trademarking its coffee, Ethiopia seeks fair trade
Reporters on the Job
A plan to keep needed foreign laborers