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Monitor Archive for November 23, 2007

A warm, wise story about the lives of freed slaves
The art of (hip-hop) diplomacy
From the archives: A Thanksgiving proclamation from President Woodrow Wilson
Stem-cell advance opens up the field
Parents cope with season of suspect toys
Can Chávez push oil prices to $200?
Relentless advocate 'greens' rural China, village by village
Video Games: Guitar Hero III
Reporters on the Job
A plan to fix 'dropout factories'
On election eve, Australia's opposition leader says climate change is No. 1 priority
The princess diary
Missing: Personal data on half the British population
West Africa now key cocaine hub for Europe
New in theaters
Flight delays start in Washington
Letters to the Editor
Shifting expectations game for '08
Look better, play better?
Monitor Picks
Planning for a Musharraf in civilian garb
New on DVD
Europe faults Apple for 'anticompetitive' iPhone deals
People turn to consultants to help name their kids
Into It Shirley Maclaine, actress and author, what are you ...
A sugar 'Rush'
The best gift ever
Meet the citizens of 'Nimrod Nation'
How actors go from zero to music virtuoso for film roles
Witnesses to history
A word in season
Pakistan decries its suspension from Commonwealth
Will future home furnaces be more efficient?
From the archives: Aim of charity workers on Thanksgiving