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Monitor Archive for November 15, 2007

Monitor Breakfast The economic outlook of the White House budget director
Values of blacks and whites are converging, survey finds
Student protests build in Pakistan
That risky First Commandment
Know your animal facts
It's raining acorns!
How to fight a rising sea
$1 trillion to the rescue
In Maryland, sea slowly claims a historic island
The politics of ethanol outshine its costs
French showdown over job benefits
U.N. envoy sees progress in Burma, as China warns of potential chaos
Letters to the Editor
Tall ≠ electable
Reporters on the Job
Could the Solar Bug bring the sun to the car market?
New move to bring electricity to Africa
In Italy, hard to get the kids to move out
Climate summary fuels worry
At the Fed, 'cryptic' is out and transparency is in
Black Sea oil spill blamed on Russia's lax standards
Iraqi expatriates play civilian roles to help train US troops for battlefield conditions
Was it a frivolous gift or a lifelong memory?
The economic outlook of the White House budget director
An anticorruption army of one
Heavy truck loads a problem?