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Monitor Archive for October 30, 2007

When bills go to conference committee, what happens?
Palestinian census carries sobering subtext for Israelis
Azerbaijan says it foils attack on US Embassy
Frozen assets: US has crimped Al Qaeda funds
Jimmy Carter: troubled presidency, productive postlude
How persistence pays for a Baghdad baker
Military chaplain: Marines in Iraq look to pastor for answers to tough questions
God's warriors
Book bits
Letters to the Editor
School's closure in Japan exposes tough times for foreign teachers
Military chaplains: A historian's view from the American Revolution to Iraq
The cost of American bellicosity toward Iran
Reporters on the Job
'Soldier's Heart': Why we ask West Point cadets to wrestle with poetry
New U.S. tack to defend power grid
War protests: Why no coverage?
Tough task for Argentina's 'Hillary'
Is child-porn law too broad?
Philip Roth completes his melancholic Zuckerman cycle
Come blow your horn!
The calamity curve
Malibu church vows, 'We will rise from the ashes'
Military chaplains: a rich history of more than just blessing the cannons
Stalin: the man and the era
Comic who mocked Burmese junta arrested
As spending ebbs, Fed set to act