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Monitor Archive for January 9, 2007

A Romany poet who couldn't be silenced
Morocco: a model of Muslim-Jewish ties
Belarus cuts off Russian oil to Europe
Brother birds
Reporters on the Job
On Aussie beaches, burqa plus bikini equals burqini
For airport screeners, more training about Muslims
Life at America's bottom wage
His dream? Equality for all.
Security bill picks up ideas of 9/11 panel
Single yet happy? It's still a revolutionary concept.
Book bits
Third round in Iraq to test US troops
White knights for red-ink media
Backstory: A London scene set by guerilla art
How the press learned to cover race
Rabbits were her best friends
Flood insurance that works
A journalist-cum-novelist on a trip through the past
Pakistan police tactics spark ire
Too prosperous, Massachusetts is losing its labor force