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Monitor Archive for September 27, 2006

Try your hand at 'art'
A last hurdle for bill on detainees: access to US court
Bucking up Eastern Europe
In Midwest, a harvest that may be a little too sweet
In air control towers, enough workers?
Bill Richardson
Maybe election day won't be a fiasco after all
Aid workers in Sri Lanka face escalating risk and red tape
The war on drugs: Ambushed in Jamundí
A fair, safe way to close Guantánamo
Northern border: A long thin line
25 years later, even more hurried parents
The end of pain
Reporters on the Job
Corruption fight at stake as Zambia votes
Memories of baking and love
A bountiful supply of eggs and honey
'Fab labs' deliver high-tech tools
Cambodia gets tough on child sex trade
Don't reward Ahmadinejad or Chávez for their UN tirades
Backstory: A fierce and furry fight on the banks of the Thames
After Annan, what kind of UN leader?