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Monitor Archive for August 7, 2006

A Week's Worth
After 17 straight rate hikes, Fed weighs a pause
A buffer zone in Lebanon? A flashback many Israelis don't like
Philanthropy by average Joes
In early polls, the Democrats take the House
Lebanon's choice in French-US peace plan
Old traditions, new residents
Ruling on Mexico vote fails to end dispute
Hopes for change hung on '08 Olympics
UN's perilous work in Lebanon
'Moment of opportunity': yes, but only if the US asks Israel the hard questions
A tale of two failed Mideast states
Big steps for little feet
What's left to explore?
The traveling soup kitchen under fire
The delicate, and important, art of saving face
Lebanese reject French-US plan
Short stuff
A variable annuity withdrawal may help pay off credit-card bill
Why the US should mandate paid vacations
At detainees' trials, will hearsay be heard?
Backstory: Cage Hemingway's cats?!
Reporters on the Job
Indian housemaid pens Dickensian memoir of poverty