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Monitor Archive for August 3, 2006

Organ harvesting and China's openness
China faces suspicions about organ harvesting
New Englanders seek relief from the heat
Hizbullah guerrillas await fight amid ruin
Grover Norquist
Antarctica under siege
Pakistan turns to its people, not aid groups, in disaster relief
Where the next Castro might take Fidel's Cuba
Why US effort to rebuild Iraq came up short
Joint effort is necessary to broker a cease-fire
Mexico's mission: Bridge the divide
Ohio scholars get taste of college
On the horizon
I learned to love an enemy
As A/C whirs, consumer budgets tighten
Israel begins carving buffer zone
Dog days of a Scottish summer
When heat hits, city hall comes to the rescue
Backstory: An electrifying job atop an American icon
The man seen as Japan's next leader
New Treasury head eyes rising inequality
Reporters on the Job
Boys thrive with structured work and play