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Monitor Archive for August 11, 2006

New on DVD
Ignoring split, labor makes election push
Take the debate over degrading rap videos off mute
Hurricane zone's latest must-have: Your own power
Monitor picks
An antidote for isolation
Reporters on the Job
AOL security breach puts Web on notice
Now, some words about our sponsors
Backstory: Jobberwocky
Breathtaking panoramas of the Adriatic
Page turners: Left Bank
Israeli left divided over Lebanon clashes
Foiled terror plot on scale of 9/11
Fidel Castro – and all those plots to get him
Movie Guide
Fall roster: Who's on the A team?
American Life in Poetry
Now hear this: New singles
Churches' role in preventing, healing AIDS
Rock's green days
Backstory: What I won't do on my next summer vacation
Shows that top art gurus' to-do lists
Have fence, will climb
Israel holds off on new push into Lebanon
Need a good read? Ask the experts
New focus on passenger carry-ons
Hizbullah's resilience built on years of homework