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Monitor Archive for April 7, 2006

Even golf's TV cameras duff some shots
Misreading China: It's time to move beyond old stereotypes
It should be OK to change your mind
Reform puzzle in Congress
Willis, Hartnett are a match made in 'Slevin'
Monitor Picks
Cities move to defend against railroad attacks
Peru looks set to elect region's next populist
An orchestra of one
Backstory: Manly man? Girly man? Oh, man!
Italian billionaire woos southern vote
Movie Guide
For illegal migrants, time in US may define status
The prospect of civil war in Iraq
The power that reorders disordered lives
Cash has run out, but Hamas chief optimistic
Not summer yet, but gasoline prices are high and rising
Page turners: 'Quite Honestly'
Earn a degree in grocery mangling
Into It: Shooter Jennings
In Ipswich, a return to the 17th century
Tubegazing: The Ten Commandments
Iraqi women argue, but agree on their special role
Thai leader bows out, for now
Fraud law spurs backlash, then buy-in
Old noir for a new generation
TV enters a new universe
Kurds' quest for justice overshadowed by economic discontent
Reporters on the Job