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Monitor Archive for April 27, 2006

'Dream applications' start to come true on the Web
In Big Easy, a race for mayoral competence
Building a society of trust
On the horizon
No-show in Mexico: political gaffe?
With oil at $70 a barrel, firms try coal, shale, even turkeys
Security at military bases: a job for private firms?
Gen Y's opt-out vision
US should call for direct talks with Iran
Locals' plan: a more walkable Big Easy
A defiant Iran banks on a split at UN
Why all gold doesn't glitter
America's parks feel strain of a budget crunch
A French treat, with a twist of Italian - and lemon
Searching for clues in Egypt's resort blasts
From Ireland, EU hears hum of cheap labor
China strikes back as modern artists push boundaries
Here comes the ... bill!
Zarqawi message: 'I'm still here'
Reporters on the Job
Backstory: Minneapolis leaves a bookmark