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Monitor Archive for April 19, 2006

A quick quiz to jump-start the day
American Life in Poetry
Hiring illegals is just as illegal
Avian-flu concerns push bans on drugs for animals
My Afghan fitness guru
Egyptian riots reveal wide religious divide
Illinois jury says no more politics as usual
China's Hu: well liked, little known
Why so high? Oil markets riding new currents.
Backstory: Those whom the river beckons
Flap over pet projects roils GOP
Chefs offer their freshest picks for spring
External forces on Iraq's new government
Between New Yorkers and New York: the doorman
A year's worth of audio oddities
Finding faith in prison
V drills, square plays - and a real team win
Reporters on the Job
Should oldest US nuke plant stay on line?
A captive audience for salvation
How my readers keep me on my toes
Vacations: Yours, mine, and ours
The immigration issue won't be solved through politics
Duke lacrosse case: No DNA, but old-fashioned sleuthing
Clashes worsen Somalian food crisis as drought sets in