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Monitor Archive for April 18, 2006

Employers risk little in hiring illegal labor
On agenda with China: trade challenges
A fascinating journey with two women poets
No yuan is an island
Returning from war, soldiers splurge
California tackles greenhouse emissions
Attack tests Israeli response to Hamas
Poetry sharpened by wisdom
Strong spending still defies economic gravity
Backstory: Can the Motor City walk?
A roundup of bestselling poetry books
In the home-buying frenzy, renters could reap bargains
A poet who celebrates the joy of verse
For GIs, some days in Iraq are slightly less worse than others
Egypt's grand mufti issues fatwa: no sculpture
Bearing true witness
US detainees are no threat, but lose appeal
Jobs that save the earth
In all details of life, she finds grace
Lit bits
Key role of Nepal security forces
Reporters on the Job
Principal helps village feed itself