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Monitor Archive for December 8, 2006

Let US now speak with one voice on Iraq
2006 Gift Guide
'Coolth' makes a comeback
Global warming: a few skeptics still ask why it's happening
To enjoy 'The Holiday,' book a flight of fancy
Star-studded, flawed diamond
Movie Guide
A reality check on the Iraq Study Group report
When Washington leaks, it pours
Arab world welcomes Iraq Study Group report
A prayer for your wedding
Reporters on the Job
Confucius reenters China's schools to parry Western ways
New tack on teen justice: a push away from prisons
Real fun just isn't what it used to be
Election controversy hits Florida, again
In Riyadh, 'Saudi Jeans' and calls to prayer
Suit by Iraqis and Afghans claims Rumsfeld ordered torture
Backstory: Write a book in 30 days? What a novel idea.
A new chief at the Pentagon
Why Germany balks at EU smoking bans