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Monitor Archive for December 13, 2006

Avoiding fireworks in China
US may talk to Syria, but not Iran
Sister sleuths seek heirloom recipes
New Hampshire's 'live free' spirit turns less prickly
Bush's rethink on Iraq
Taiwan's history – and destiny – of freedom from China
Beware of false summits
New academy teaches 'ethical hacking'
A debate over the tree? It must be Christmas.
Calls to improve US food safety gain urgency
New US jump jet boosts capability – but lands Marines in hot water
I've got my dreams to keep me warm
Free trade vs. economic pain in Ecuador
Iraq battle lines fracture mixed neighborhoods
Facebook: A campus fad becomes a campus fact
Poisoned-spy case tests Europe's cross-border cooperation
Britain and US clash (online) over geographic knowledge
Backstory: Swamp creatures great and small
Reporters on the Job
Germany's role grows as agenda-setter
Why more folks may talk to their computer
Freedom of speech suffers in tense Ethiopia