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Monitor Archive for November 9, 2006

Gaza attack threatens Palestinian unity talks
After losses, GOP asks: Now what?
America's first Madam Speaker
Ethical questions add new twist to climate-change debate
Pennsylvania Ave. can't be a war zone
New sermon from the evangelical pulpit: global warming
Turkey's relations with EU face deeper strains
Afghan mission: As vets are honored, concerns grow
When it comes to ice cubes, taste is not everything
Washington shake-up, Part 2: Rumsfeld departs
Has Africa finally turned a corner?
Democrats lead state legislative races, too
Power shift in Washington
Governors' mansions go blue
On the horizon
Nonviolence can work wonders – even in the Middle East
A victory for people-powered politics
Voters go for higher minimum wage, reject abortion limits
Immigration expected to dominate Calderón-Bush talks
Team spirit – a deeper look
For Kandinsky, less was more
A lesson in history, but not from Hollywood
Taliban fighters talk tactics – while safe in Pakistan
Backstory: A priest's crusade on Holocaust
Nepal's decade of war draws to a close
How to keep New York afloat
Reporters on the Job