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Monitor Archive for November 27, 2006

America the charitable: a few surprises
A Week's Worth
NATO needs a big think
Cash registers jingle from coast to coast
Life's little moments
'Angel' investors have nerves of steel, hearts of gold
Love and grace on the gridiron
US works to bridge its Muslim trust gap
When war and children collide
Truce may restart Israeli-Palestinian talks
Reporters on the Job
Five hours with Al Jazeera in English
So many words – and possibilities
Inheriting an IRA? Here's how to play by the rules.
Milton Friedman's monetary mantle
Backstory: Peak performance on one wheel
When will Iraqi troops be ready?
The vanishing holiday bonus
Spain's lesson on fighting spousal abuse
Toxic seed becomes hope for the hungry
Ex-spy's death adds to Kremlin intrigue
A baby's favorite plaything