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Monitor Archive for October 17, 2006

Calling all young poets
Life on Mars? NASA orbiter starts its search.
Will the Supreme Court shackle new tribunal law?
Is this any way for a queen to behave?
Peace in $130 increments
There she is, Miss Tibet
Milk shoppers get a new choice – kinda organic
Gaza arms buildup brings Israeli raids
His own life as a work of art
Nepal hits standoff in negotiations over future government
Africa's watershed year of progress
Hot in pursuit of Shakespeare
The way to better, cheaper healthcare: Don't make it a human right
What is your God like?
Reporters on the Job
State race signals big defeat for Mexican leftist
Who really sailed the ocean blue in 1492?
Right at home in Armenia
Backstory: 14 hours, really, with Dick Cheney
A detailed, distressing portrait of the US military in Iraq
The eventful life of a Civil War orphan
US court challenge: How to corral 12 not-so-angry jurors
New player in global investing: India Inc.