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Monitor Archive for January 5, 2006

Coal is king but its queen is safety
Battle waged in Boston over new mosque
America's waning clout in Iraq
A mining town faces tragedy - together
Tougher rules for cities receiving security funds
Teaching patriotism in Iraqi classrooms
Mideast democracy after the honeymoon
Congress is partly to blame for Bush's warrantless wiretaps
Online Wikipedia is not Britannica - but it's close
Harry Potter and good and evil
On the horizon
The comptroller: Washington's prophet of fiscal doom
The tides dictate their 'office' hours
Will big money change the score in soccer?
How far will Abramoff scandal reach?
Drivers atone for exhaust with carbon offsets
For pariah nations, 'rogue' status pays off
Reporters on the Job
A haven for abused women in Kosovo
Backstory: Baltimore - 'Home of 1,000 slogans'