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Monitor Archive for January 4, 2006

Read all about it: swan on the loose
The words that made 2005
Battle over property rights goes on, despite ruling
In US mines, the safety record has been on an upswing
Indian art's celebration of color and technique
US allies in Iraq: valuable but dwindling
Is it time to cut your landline for good?
True believers dial messiah hotline in Iran
Abramoff deals, Congress quakes
France divided over how to cast its colonial past
Cautiously, Iraqis open for business
Reporters on the Job
Backstory: High school dropout to Rhodes scholar - mission possible
'Wake me up in the spring!'
Russia fails a leadership test
After Israel, who can run Gaza?
Solution to homelessness: a home
Good test scores begin with room to think
More women decide to extend careers
Secure the US against bloodless terrorist warfare
Focus on tsunami overlooks Sri Lanka's war refugees
New Orleans' old homes prove they were built to last
An Expressionist movement that's made to last
In high-pressure times, does leisure fit?