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Monitor Archive for January 13, 2006

A favorite leader, revisited
Avoiding critical mass with Iran
Tubegazing: 'Love Monkey, 'Book of Daniel,' and 'Crumbs'
Al Qaeda takes aim at Israel
Colombia seeks peace in the middle of war
Cautious Alito follows Roberts's script in quest for Supreme Court spot
Backstory: Movie manners - an endangered species
From 9/11 ruins, a restaurant's new spirit
Been down this 'Road' before
Deregulation and the Sago mine
Turn on, tune in ... disconnect
After setback, what's next for vouchers?
The teenage monologues
Libraries as places to linger and mingle
Turn your living room into the Tour de France
Lessons in peacemaking
New reality shows are like Knight and Daly
Reporters on the Job
Israel's epic generation passes torch
Big Easy: Who can rebuild?
Change of thought led to a life of love
Noteworthy: reviews of new music
A bicycle ride across the sound
'Caché' can't hide its disdain of the middle class
Monitor Picks
Movie Guide
Star light, star bright ... better yet, a satellite
New on DVD: 'Red Eye'
India's 'girl deficit' deepest among educated