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Monitor Archive for January 10, 2006

New rumbling over salvage logging
The guest who throws a family into crisis
Why budget fixes can't wait
Time is ripe to reform lobbying
Backstory: Getting lost in 'FOUND' magazine
The price of associating with a lobbyist
The black storms that swept America's plains
No clamor for Xbox in Japan
Love lost and found
A famed curator's take on some of the giants of 20th-century art
Reporters on the Job
Choice in cable channels? Debate heats up.
The tangled web of lobbyists and the majority party
Young poets, winning words
Iraq's 'PBS' accused of sectarian slant
A statement from the Monitor
Hearts that break silently
Jury duty is for Everyman - and some presidents
Reporter abducted in Iraq
Some of the big ideas behind modern art
Ad war at full blast as Alito hearings begin
Taiwan leader pushes US arms deal
Climate summit challenges Kyoto's approach