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Monitor Archive for September 22, 2005

Plug-in hybrids: a here-and-now alternative
North Korea's capitalist manifesto
Two tales for the price of one in a used book
On the horizon
Opposition to CAFTA wanes in Nicaragua
Next phase in protecting species: living with them
China's model for a censored Internet
Would you be prepared for a natural disaster?
Before the oil runs out: the search for alternatives
A louder drumbeat for independent Katrina probe
Does increasing democracy undercut terrorists?
Carter-Baker election reforms imperiled by its partisan voter ID mandate
Ex-cons wow Italy's 'fashion police'
A child's fear, a mom's response
Mega-artists look next 'over the river'
One New Orleans family's new life far away
Will the levees hold?
The story of Katy - and Kate - continues
Reporters on the Job
Clean car, but will its fuel be?
Iraq's democracy dilemma
In troubled region, monks build site for peace
A turn inward for US, Europe