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Monitor Archive for September 20, 2005

Why the lights mostly stayed on in the US this summer
North Korea's agreement to scrap its nukes
Why are America's schools more separate than ever?
Cost of Katrina relief splits Republican ranks
Bush's missing trade mark
Before the oil runs out: How will this era end?
Who will take Germany's top office?
A story of two people who like each other
Government failure, private success
He came, he saw, he burned
Hurricane politics aside, a Democrat sees solidarity with Bush as constructive
A Catholic town watches quietly as Protestant rancor grows
Lucy and the bees
Where is God when His children suffer?
Business & Finance
A retro look to next US spacecraft
'Horiemon' shakes up old school politics in Japan
In rural towns, a way of life washed away
A little bread, meat, and a slice of history ...
Why others may fear America's power
Darwin stars in a historical thriller
Reporters on the Job