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Monitor Archive for August 4, 2005

Rousing the college vote
On Indian land, a twist on church vs. state
Botanical art that's ripe for viewing
When Reporters Are Targets
A nutty childhood staple reappears on my menu
Is Gaza withdrawal a step towards liberation?
New rules in global rivalry for oil
A judicial think tank - or a plot?
Japan's schools: now too lenient?
US shift on India nuclear policy tilts regional balance
Good citizenship: Grin and bear the profiling
In Britain, growing objections to multicultural society
More than a Makeover
Business & Finance
Consider that other 'army' in Iraq
An alien invader spawns a species
I tasted knowledge in the cereal aisle
Saudis Need Better Successions
Helping teenage girls find their writing 'voices'
A security report from D.C.
In letters to the editor, too many copycats?
A spacewalk, and a mentality shift
Tragic end to a war reporter's bracing story
Privatization push may topple Japan's leader
Russian TV takes Soviet-era turn