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Monitor Archive for August 23, 2005

Politics, purses, poetry: the letters of a poet
Dust off the Mideast 'road map'
Academic libraries empty stacks for online centers
He 'zigged' when the art world 'zagged'
Egypt abuzz with presidential campaign
Iraq's draft constitution delayed - again
Brazil pushes for cheaper drugs and free AIDS diagnosis
In search of love, on the heels of a great writer
Roberts's papers: Congress tops High Court
Perennial Haitian exodus widens
Native Americans - lost and found
Winter forecast for heating homes: costly
In cities of Mountain West, a new model for growth
New forensic techniques aid efforts to find Bosnia's war-crimes victims
Jealous of just about everything
Business & Finance
Reporters on the Job
In Uganda, when does brash talk radio become sedition?
In West Bank, a 'Masada mind-set'
Sheehan a critical tipping point for Bush presidency?
A surprising answer to the question: What book for a desert island?
Music adds spice to cooking
A star of 1980s fiction tries for a comeback
Base closings hint at new air strategy