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Monitor Archive for July 13, 2005

From New York to London, we're all in this together
The holy ground we stand on
Florida tries to quiet down 'boom cars'
A call from camp - and a day of worry
In CIA leak case, eyes on Rove
Don't Leave 'No Child' Act Behind
The picture of meekness
Testing time for Mubarak opponent
A peek into the pueblo way of life
With money sent from US, Peruvians buy homes
Shiites bring rigid piety to Iraq's south
Business & Finance
Estate tax fight hinges on money, morality
For next set of national campaign issues, think locally
At the foot of the falls, the roar of the crowd
John Sweeney
Networking: obedience to Christ
Reporters on the Job
If only the Valkyries played basketball
'Garden party' helps revive a neighborhood
Art that was made to be used
Chagall's artistic gymnastics
Wedding bells without the bills
London bombs prod US security steps
India's engineering teachers flee classroom for hot jobs
Ten thousand years of Cherokee history