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Monitor Archive for July 12, 2005

Iraq, Internet fuel growth of global jihad
Uncle Sam Really Wants You!
Lessons of Ivan paid off for residents in hurricane Dennis
Plagued by scandal, Philippine president battles back
The rise and fall of the world's languages
New arrivals fight West Bank plan
A stone's throw from poverty, Brazil's Daslu glimmers
Security funds reach small towns, but at a trickle
A forced conversion to charter school
Stories galore on baseball's glories
Journalists aren't above the law
On this shuttle, safety is an obsession
Safe ... no matter what
The oak tree as unsung hero
Business & Finance
Reporters on the Job
China key to new North Korea talks
Serbia's Bow to Srebrenica
Where L.A. riots flared, a housing boom
School tries to keep Afrikaans-only status
Tiny 'tags' are telling stories
A modern, more brutal western
Continent of heartbreak
Practice scenes for the tough choices of adolescence
A look at baseball's dark side
The science of gardening
Tension grows between Thai security forces and Muslim locals
Focus on 'London-style' attacks is wrong US security reflex