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Monitor Archive for June 23, 2005

Systematic Cleansing in Zimbabwe
Battle readies over Rehnquist's seat
Librarians Can Be Patriotic, Too
A musical tribute to L.A.'s lost 'Chávez Ravine'
Movies spiced with the thrill of uncertainty
A new show of support for Iraq
Gender gap tilts back toward the Democrats
On the horizon
Business & Finance
Japan to double whale catch
Mississippi verdict greeted by a generation gap
How the Web changes your reading habits
Twenty years later, the mint is blossoming
UN atlas, zoomed in on environmental damage, misses big picture
How to defuse 'girl on girl' violence
Pulled up by the banjo strings
For a day, Paris is City of Sounds
Stress - Managing it or eradicating it?
I learned the art of fashion - and that of sharing
Cities adopt tough stance against beggars
Stars that twinkled in Hollywood's heavens
A US patrol gains trust in a Baghdad district
The unwatched offshoring pot: Will it boil over?
Reporters on the Job
A big bang - and the small fry who'll see it
NBA: Why aren't you watching?
A new fuel fix: boon or bane?
Adoptions from Russia face a chill