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Monitor Archive for May 2, 2005

Interested in energy stocks but worried about pollution?
British election slogans are vague and - gasp - verbless
Many firms - just one receptionist
The ascent of hours on the job
The 'oos' have it
A Week's Worth
Bush's Social Security Twist
Finally, a film sheds Muslim stereotypes
The furry hierarchy of who rides in the truck
Environmentalists' silence on the estate tax
Business & Finance
Bush takes on still more political risk
Boot camp, camouflage, guns - and Farsi lessons?
Financial literacy and kids
Business has responsibility and opportunity in Africa
What 'minuteman' vigil accomplished
Swimming through deep waters
Lichtenstein ruminates on abstraction in his comic-book look at Van Doesburg
Reporters on the Job
Few clothes make this man
Who gets to see the e-mail of the deceased?
Taiwan Can't Be Fooled
New Iraq leaders face violent surge
The Tao of design
Use a low-rate credit card to open a CD? Banks don't allow it.
In this recovery, corporations win - workers lose
War memories drive Okinawa's most passionate peace activist
Where Russians go to dry out
In delaying shuttle, officials cite safety over 'rush to flight'
Madrid to revelers: 'Silencio, por favor.'