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Monitor Archive for April 14, 2005

What Is Asia?
Old culprit hits birds - maybe people
Conservatives near lock on US courts
Shedding Light on K Street
India moves to silence cell spam
Pax with my alto sax
John Podesta and Mark Penn
Lebanese factions unite
In Washington, it's a whole different ballgame
Business & Finance
How the textbook issue plays in Japan
Spring cleaning
Lessons from killing fields of Cambodia - 30 years on
Time to reassess Iraqi transition timetable
NASA aims to hit, smash comet
Make poverty history?
On the horizon
North Korea's border trade getting busier
US freshmen reveal their spiritual side
Taffeta was flying. Could I find my dress?
Made in South America: new breed of fake US dollars
Reporters on the Job
Pulling the plug on science?
Getting serious about the war on spam
Filing on deadline? You're not alone.
US already moving toward a flat tax
It's better to be poor in Norway than in the US