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Monitor Archive for December 9, 2005

December Passage
Dame Judi at her comedic best
Debunking 'compassion fatigue'
Price comparisons in real time
America's soft power in Kazakhstan
This Christmas letter gets rave reviews
Cowboys saddled with a secret
Hollywood turns a page
Air marshal program: Is training adequate?
Egyptian government steps up attacks on voters
Congress torn over Iraq endgame
Movie Guide
In off-season, big political calculations in N.J.
Despite domestic waves, Iran will keep its president
Why Heisman doesn't mean NFL fame
Love that never runs out
Christopher Shays and Sherwood Boehlert
In tsunami relief camps, kids sing their hearts out
Even a flat housing market could cut growth
As Iranians mourn crash victims, questions over decision to fly
Chileans set to elect a woman
Where the bats never stop swinging
Monitor Picks
Backstory: Serious business of jokes in politics
US seeks to hand reconstruction over to Iraqis
Merry Christmas - in 1,000 words
Shadow over both parties' houses
Humanity found in 'Narnia'
DVD reviews
Reporters on the Job
In 'victory,' both power and peril
In Africa, a new commitment to treat AIDS